Why Do You LOVE Teaching Yoga?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

​I was recently asked why do you love teaching yoga for a teacher feature for 3 Sisters Yoga. I am asked this question often and I always have the same answer, but this time I really took the time to think about it and wanted to share my response.

I love teaching yoga because I love sharing what makes me feel full with others and I hope that it somehow fills any gaps in their lives like it did mine. I feel strong, grounded, beautiful and present when I step on my mat and I love being able to pass that feeling on to my students. Yoga is for anybody and any body, so there's no excuses as to why someone can't do it, it's more of if they are ready to. I also love that yoga is an ongoing practice and we are forever students, even once we complete a teacher training. It's nice to know that we will never know everything and that there's always room to gain more knowledge of the practice as well as learning more about our own bodies and minds.

Over the years I've connected with so many people, several of whom have become some of my closest friends, near and far. There's nothing like yoga to create life long friendships and connections with people that you might never have met or experienced anywhere else. This practice is a lifestyle that I love sharing with those who are open to learning about it. There's so much more to being a teacher then coming in the room and leading a class. It's the deeper, even somewhat more personal parts that keep me true to myself and keep me grounded as a teacher, to be able to deliver what students come for. The most beautiful thing is when you see students overcoming fears and challenges that they've been dealing with for years and a new view of life is visible. It's quite humbling and rewarding that as a teacher I'm able to make a difference in peoples lives and help them to discover what lies deep down within them.

Why do you love practicing yoga?

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