Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I truly believe honesty is the best policy. I believe relationships are built on trust and honesty. I recently wrote a blog post that was just that, raw and honest. Honest in my feelings about a situation. We all go through times in our lives where we get hurt. We all deal with that hurt differently, however I felt the need to share my honest truth of what I’ve been dealing with the past few months because it’s been eating me alive. You may not have even known it, because day to day I’m generally good at hiding it, even when what’s causing the pain is coming up often. You can never know how someone honestly feels about a situation unless they share the raw, maybe even unpleasant scenario - you don’t even have to agree. I can honestly say I love what I do. I am passionate about yoga and all that it has to offer. There are so many fabulous teachers near and far that are friends, that offer help, that inspire and that support one another. I get along with just about everyone, even if there are ups and downs, I generally trust and believe in and root for all my fellow yogis! However, when you take advantage of someone’s kindness, and hurt them, and are no longer trustworthy, let alone honest than we have a problem. When trust is broken, there is pain. When you find someone you may have thought was honest and isn’t at your expense, it causes pain. I know we’ve all been there, and I share this with you so you know you’re not alone. There will always be someone who understands your pain, even when you think you’re alone. There will always be people who you can trust, and who have your best interests, unfortunately sometimes to meet those people you have to go through the hard stuff and come out even stronger. Thanks to all the amazing friends, yogis, teachers, and people I’ve met long this journey who are honest, trusting and good people - I appreciate you more then you know.

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