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Carrie Treister
Yoga Teacher Training

See what Carrie's students experience in her classes and yoga teacher training!


"Carrie is such an empowering, inspiring, and knowledgeable person. Her 200 hr teacher training was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and will do. She leads it in a way that is best for everyone. I wouldn't have done the training with anyone besides Carrie. I am so blessed to have done it with her. You will get a lifetime of take aways. I 100% recommend Carrie if you want to take a journey of a lifetime."


Savannah Wack


"I could not have picked a better instructor than Carrie for my teacher training. Carrie divided each section with enough information to learn from without being overwhelming and over simulated. I loved Carrie's focus on not just the "textbook" principles. From day one we were learning cues and how to form our own teaching style. I look up to Carrie for the person that she is, but I also felt Carrie never put herself above her student because she is learning with us. Yoga knowledge is endless knowledge. That's one of the many things that I took away from this amazing teaching train experience with Carrie."


Brigit Celznick

"As always, love any class taught by Carrie.  Carrie is always a pleasure to be around. She’s a nice person, challenges me, and gives me a new perspective whenever I’m done with class. Yoga has not only become an activity I love, but an absolute necessity in day-to-day life."


David M.

I had the unique experience of completing Carrie’s Teacher Training Program during the COVID-19 pandemic - when social distancing was mandated, and we were required to switch to online training after just two weekend sessions together.  I was so impressed by how quickly - and effectively - Carrie was able to shift her program from an in-person to an online format.  In making these adjustments, she went out of her way to ensure that the quality of the course - from the depth of material/information to the knowledge of the guest speakers to the online interactive practice teaching - remained consistently high.  Because of this I was able to establish a strong foundation upon which to build my yoga teaching career, with the added benefit of being immersed in - and learning about - the relatively new live streaming format.  Carrie’s Teacher Training Program was an engaging and worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to teach yoga - or just to enhance their own personal practice.

Karen A.

"Carrie's teacher training was an unforgettable experience! She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share this wonderful knowledge with her trainees. I highly encourage anyone considering Carrie's training to take part on the journey! It has helped me to not only grow in my yoga practice but also gain confidence and build strong friendships with my fellow trainees. I am so grateful for the time that I spent as a student in Carrie's program, and I feel extremely ready to share my yoga practice with others as a certified teacher!"

Josie M.

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